Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow Activities

Here are some fun ideas for teaching about snow.

- Encourage scissor skills by having the children cut out paper snowflakes. You can also use this to discuss symmetry with older students.

- If you live in a climate with snow, you can build large motor skills and encourage creativity, by building a snow man. You can also use this activity to work on shapes (circles for the body and eyes, a rectangle hat, triangle nose, etc) If you do not have snow, or prefer not to build a "real" snowman, you can cut the shapes out for them to assemble on a piece of construction paper. If you use blue or black paper, you can make snowflakes in the back ground with a white crayon.

- This is a great time to talk about proper snow clothing and to practice putting it on. You could have the children "race" each other to put on a coat, boots, scarf, mittens/gloves, hat and/or ear muffs.

- For snack, stack marshmallows to form snowmen. Use pretzel sticks to hold them together and for the arms. Use raisins, cut in half, for eyes, nose and mouth.

- Reinforce counting skills by counting the number of sides on a snowflake.

- Discuss how each snowflake is different. This relates well to how people are all different, yet similar.

- This is also a great intro to the color white. Make a list or collage of items that are white.

- For those in snowy climates, add some food coloring to water in various spray bottles. You can turn this into a lesson about the different colors or discuss how colors can mix to create new colors. Take the water bottles outside and let the children "paint" pictures in the snow.

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