Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Color White and a new format

After posting the lesson on snow last week, I decided to work on the color white this week. Also, I am trying a new format for my preschool units and would love to hear your feedback about it.

Art and Creativity

- Stretch apart some cotton balls and use white glue to stick them on paper to make clouds.
- Make a collage of all things white. Do it on black paper to show the contrast.
- For the older age spectrum, you can show how adding white to colored paint makes the color lighter.

- Sing Little White Duck: (there are more verses to this song that would be good for other color units, too)
There’s a little white duck (quack)
Sitting in the water.
A little white duck (quack)
Doing what he oughter.
He took a bite of a lily pad,
Flapped his wings and he said,
"I’m glad I’m a little white duck
Sitting in the water."
Quack, Quack, Quack.

- Read Winter in White: A Mini Pop-up Treat by Robert Sabuda
- Read White (Colors) by Patricia Stockland

- During the first day of the white lesson, have the kids list all the white things they can think of.

- Have the kids count cotton balls or marshmallows

- Show pictures of polar bears and discuss where they live.
- Show pictures of sheep and let children touch freshly shorn wool (may need to wait until spring to get fresh wool)

Outdoor Fun
- As I said last week, this is a great time to play in the snow.
- If the weather is nicer and the ground is dry, you can also watch the clouds.

- milk
- cauliflower
- mashed potatoes
- marshmallows
- vanilla yogurt
- unbuttered popcorn

- cold= snow
- soft= cotton or white feathers
- sweet= sugar
- salty= salt

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